Hope Pryor is founder of Holistic Gals, LLC is an organization designed to provide holistic health treatments for all people, young and old alike. Her holistic journey began as a child, raised by her grandmother who always made home remedies for Hope when she was sick. When she passed away in 2011, Hope began to reflect on all of the lessons she learned from her about healing. 

Often affectionately called “Hopey” by family and friends, Hope is a successful Occupational Therapist that has excelled in the field. She has an innate talent for working with people to overcome illness and injury. A true problem solver with an eye toward organic solutions, Hope has become adept at creating remedies to alleviate ailments with all natural products. She has a vested passion for helping people get and stay healthy. 

Hope holds a BS in Occupational Therapy and is currently taking courses in Herbalism. When she’s not helping others through mentoring and coaching or creating new holistic recipes she is busy spending time with her husband and son, traveling, or curled up with a good book.